Photography Preparation - on the day

Making the most of out of your photography session will require a little forward planning - only a little. Here's a few tips.

Choose Your Spaces

Photographing a multitude of classrooms, whilst being across a range of year levels, tends to have a sameness. Instead, consider the spaces that portray your school's diverse range of activities; both indoor and out. 

Consider showcasing IT facilities/resources, playgrounds, gardens, art room, library, small-group working areas, classrooms (of course).


It's amazing how a lens can amplify clutter and turn it into mess. Classrooms are work spaces and expecting them to be sparkling is unreasonable. However, for the purposes of the photo-shoot, it's best that a little order be created for the chosen spaces. There's no need to organise the entire space, only the corner where you think the shots will work best.

Choosing Your Photographic Talent

The photos will feature your students. Now choosing them will require your assistance. Children love a lens so calling out "who wants their photo taken?" will create a stampede. Our photographer will suggest the numbers required. When selecting the students, please be cognoscente of their overall appearance (watch out for vegemite smiles). Neat uniforms, clean hands etc. Please make sure students whose parents/guardians do not want them photographed are not present in any photos.

Alerting Staff/Teachers

Please ensure staff are aware ahead of time that a photographer will be present. 

Photographic Coordinator

It's advisable that our photographer be guided through the school. The guide should be someone that has a vested interest in the outcome of the photos and can actively participate in the staging; this will yield the best results.

We look forward to helping you portray your school in the best possible way.