Tips & Tricks No.8 Is your classroom blog a blog... really


If you don’t have 2-way interaction happening in your classroom blog then your blog really is a web page. And if it’s a web page you can house your classroom content on your school’s website; many schools do.

There are a number of benefits in using your school’s website to connect parents with your classroom.

Website benefits;

  • We can train any future users and provide technical support.
  • Your not splitting the go-to place for information between blogs and the website; it’s all in one place.
  • While on your classroom page parents can drift into other web content connecting them further with the school.
  • You can create a classroom email and phone app group and ‘push’ out any webpage updates just by ticking a box.


Check out this Cheat Sheet on how to......

Create a page and insert into navigation


If you’d like to re-think how you run your classroom blog on your school website, please contact us or 1300 755 010, we’d love to help.

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