Tips & Tricks No. 7 Wallpaper and design changes

We’re seeing a bit of a trend from some of our schools where they’re removing the wallpaper and going white for their school website design. The predominance of white space does give the site a fresh look. Perhaps the wallpaper option in future is used sparingly for impact rather than a constant; promoting events, start of term, change of season etc.

Further, the use of wallpaper is invisible on a mobile so perhaps we need to rethink its use. Fun fact, over 45% of visits to sponsor-ed website's are coming from mobiles and growing rapidly. Do you know what your mobile percentage is?


Here’s a few sites we’ve chosen that feature the white space look.

Buckley Park College

Bacchus Marsh Primary School

St Marks School, Dingley

If you want to remove your wallpaper now, here’s how its done.

One option to achieve a crisper look is to turn your wallpaper off and the other is to create a graphical wallpaper (yellow band below) that takes up the top part of the website leaving the rest to float in white space. And just to cap off the facelift, how about a custom banner such as the Portarlington Primary School site below (soon to go live). Oh one last thing, we have a range of new Quick Links you can easily load yourself; click here to learn how.

If you want some help freshening your look, let us know and we’ll do it for you – for free! 



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