Tips & Tricks No. 1 SunSmart

Take away the guesswork by adding the free SunSmart widget to your school website. The widget shows the sun protection times for you location in Australia, making it easier than ever to be smart about your sun exposure all year.  The SunSmart widget can be added to your site by following a few simple steps:


1. Go to:

2. Choose the location that best suits your school:



3. Change the width to 250 px and then hit Update Code. You can then select all code (which appears underneath) and copy it.


4. Go to your CMS – WEBSITE CONTENT – Sections – Create New. Give the section a name: SunSmart


5. Click on the HTML button on the toolbar – paste the copied code into this box and click on UPDATE. Then update/submit the section.


6. Website Content – Homepage right section. Choose your SunSmart section from the dropdown menu. Give your section a position for ordering 1, 2, 3 etc. and Update your work.


7. Visit your site to see the new section.


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