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Before you launch your new school app Updat-ed to your community we strongly suggest that you conduct some internal tests first. This will serve 2 purposes. Firstly it will allow you to familiarise yourself with app publishing and secondly, experience what your subscribers will see so you may be better equipped to answer some of their questions.

In this document (below) you will find a series of tests that will take you through all the app publishing functions in a logical order.



Please contact the helpdesk@sponsor-ed.com.au prior to officially launching app to your community. We will send you some launch material and will also follow your progress.


Updat-ed App Manual


Your App Launch Announcement


If you have any questions please contact the helpdesk@sponsor-ed.com.au or call 1300 755 010.

App Troubleshooting Guide

Updat-ed is upgraded

Our phone app Updat-ed has been upgraded and it's free. Click on the images below on your phone and give Updat-ed a try. 


Click here to access the Cheat Sheets
Need more assistance? Please don't hesitate to ask!


1300 755 010