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  • Randal Symons: Thanks for yesterday’s Master Class. It was great. Your knowledge, skill, research and considered work are appreciated.
  • Belinda Gill: Very helpful to me and I would like this to happen at least twice to even three times a year where we are not sure on some things or just run through areas to refresh yourself. And yes I went to another school after the session and I already told two staff members from that school they must attend.
  • Sally Rogers: Thank you for the well presented and informative session. 
  • Sandra Nebl: Location perfect for me. Content was relevant & sufficient. Good cheat notes. Wasn't too long. Presenters knowledgeable but could explain in plain English.
  • Fahad Zakaria: Great session. Good information and resources. Feel much more confident now. And great coffee. Thanks Denis :)
  • Trish Mulvaney: I learnt a couple of new things and have put them into action already. I am very happy with the way our website looks now but need a hand with changing the school logo as it seems to be something we are unable to do.
  • Debbie Westhead: The information about short cuts was great and the time Sinead spent with me after the session helping me with my school's website was fantastic. I am looking forward to making some changes and adding some things to our website now that I have some more knowledge.
  • Susan Dickson: Looking forward to the proposed upgrades and the next Master Class. I found the session to be of an appropriate length.
  • Sharon Pocock: I found the session Informative and usefull it was well organised and ran smoothly. I felt that for such a short time frame there was a great deal of usefull content and the time frame enabled me to return to work and still have a productive day.
  • Robyn Jackson: A lot of info in a short space of time but terrific - came away with some great info to enhance our website and to make some actions quicker and easier.


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