Let's talk calendars

Let's face it, if there's one thing that bugs you, it's when a parent asks for information about a date that's very visible in your school's calendar. At sponsor-ed, we have a belief that displaying an event in one place only will just not cut it.

So, in this article we'll look at how you can encirlce your parents with dates and never have students turn up on school closure day or (the worst!) someone turns up in school uniform on footy fun day - tragic!!

Option 1: The Parent Portal
Did you know that if youre using Compass, Sentral, Google or many other 3rd party calendars, you can have those dates feed the website calendar automatically. So, we now have two places - parent portal and website

Option 2: Three different display options
Your website can display your calendar as a Dot Module, Quick View and as a Grid

Option 3: Add your calendar to multiple locations
Not only are there many calendar display options, why not add the calendar to multiple locations throughout your website. Homepage, newsletter page (a very high traffic webpage) and contact us page as a minimum. If you are using sponsor-ed eNews as your newsletter, add the calendar to the footer. Just use the Widget feature (click here for the Cheat Sheet)

Option 4: Our free app called Updat-ed
Your website calendar dates feeeds the app automatically. Easy!

If you need any help sorting out all your calendar options, please contact Sinead at helpdesk@sponsor-ed.com.au or on 1300 755 010

by Sinead Bannon

Operations Manager
The sponsor-ed Group