Sorry Pro Photographers, a smartphone is all you need

In the last edition of our eNews, we did an article on smartphone photography and the use of portrait mode. This is the feature that blurs backgrounds. In this article you'll see a bunch of school photos I took on an iPhone - sorry pro photographers, but a smartphone's all you need for your website.

Check out our demo site at to see a range of photos both inside and out, blurry backgrounds and some not and a range of compositions (photographer speak for where you want people to stand).

A few tips.
  • Make sure the lens is clean - they can get awfully smudgy
  • Get in close so the subjects are the stars not the whiteboard and carpet
  • For outside shots, keep the sun over your shoulder
  • Add text to your homepage gallery images to tell a story about your school activities. "A picture is worth a 1,000 words" is not true. A few words help
  • Explore smartphone photography features, they're amazing. Make Portrait (iPhone) mode your friend - it's a game changer
Click on the image and view our demo site.

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