Sinead's Website Audit

Even the easiest to use websites can lose their way a little. Let’s face it, 2021 was a BIG year and those website things you were going to get to, well, didn’t happen. You may need to engage Sinead’s Website Audit Report.

What's the aim of the audit?
  • Ensure parents (current and prospective) can find content easily
  • To make the website easier, for you, to manage
  • The make the school's personality and vitality shine through
If you don’t know Sinead, she’s our Operation Manager and likely the voice you here when you’ve called our helpdesk. Sinead has built hundreds of school websites and you can tap into her immense knowledge to get your website humming again.

Here’s what Sinead’s Website Audit Report will cover;
  • Website Traffic Dashboard Analysis
  • Google Maps
  • Google Search
  • Website Content Analysis
  • Facebook Content Analysis
  • Review Meeting


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