Have you viewed your website on your phone?

In 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones; it was 2.9% in 2010. Sponsor-ed schools are averaging just under 60%. It's important to note that parents will be viewing your website on the run. Whenever you're taking a designerly look at your website you now need to consider how it presents on a mobile too. 

If you didn't know this, try tipping your phone on its side to landscape mode and you'll see the text and image react, right-sizing it to the new width of the screen. Brilliant!

And all our new themes have 'dynamic' contact details at the top of the mobile's screen which means one click and you can calll or email. Brilliant (again).

A few other neat features that parents can access on the run:

  • Filling out forms - easy, the form builder is optimised for mobile accessibility
  • Saving calendar dates - one click and it saves onto your phone calendar, it even blocks out the appropriate time!
  • Parents can also save your website onto their phone's desktop to access simply with one click!
Across all 6 web themes, sponsor-ed have optimised your website for the mobile viewer.

You can rest assured that parents get a great experience whether it's on a mobile or desktop.  Check your site out on your mobile now!



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