Your School's Heart and Soul is in your Homepage Gallery

Your homepage gallery is the first view for your audience when they visit your website.  Does your homepage gallery reflect your school's personality? A picture paired with some simple text can powerfully convey the heart and soul of your school.

You have complete control over your gallery, and it's really easy to manage!

You can upload new photos, meaninful phrases, links to more information and change the order that they are displayed.

A few schools using their homepage gallery well:

St Anthony's, Noble Park - Theme 5a
They use the title cell to project what's important to the school.

Caralee Community School
Use the read more option to direct their audience to specific news. Great story telling.

Trinity Catholic School
Crisp, clear messages delivered on each photo.

For a detailed guide on working with your homepage gallery see one of the cheat sheets below:
Homepage Gallery Theme 1
Homepage Gallery Theme 2 - 4
Homepage Gallery Theme 5a and 5b

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