Sponsor-ed Director becomes an ACEL Fellow

After a 20-year corporate career Denis entered the education world in 2000 joining Monash University as a sessional lecturer. Initially teaching professional practice to design undergrads, he moved to a full-time position as the inaugural program manager of the Master of Multimedia degree in 2001.

The following year the management portfolio expanded with the addition of two further digital/design Master’s programs. Denis’ entrepreneurial spirit took hold in 2008 with the creation of the web design and communications company ‘sponsor-ed’, quickly becoming one of Australia’s leading developers of school websites.

His association with Monash has continued throughout where today he teaches ‘Entrepreneurship and Design Management’. Denis has conducted two significant pieces of research on school communications; the paper ‘Why schools are spooked by social media’ and his newsletter research ‘The Future of School Publishing’.

The research has informed his consulting practice through programs such as ‘PR for Principals: Managing the vibe’ and ‘Schools and Digital marketing’.

Denis has served on the ACEL Victoria Executive since 2013 and was presented with the ACEL President’s award in 2016.

(All the ACEL Victoria 2018 Fellows)


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