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eNews: Free Trial Term 2

We're offering all schools a free trial of the new eNews for Term 2. Start by attending our eNews Zoom PD.

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School Marketing Paper

In one hour you'll change the way you look at marketing. The paper, 'What principals need to know about the principles of school marketing’, took two months and twenty plus years to write. I have attempted to reimagine school marketing.

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Serving Schools for 13 Years

The sponsor-ed Group is Australia's premier developer of school websites. Hundreds of schools have a sponsor-ed website and we support more than 2,500 web administrators. The websites are so easy to use because they have been refined based on user feedback over 12 years.

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Your Compass Calendar Feeding Your Website

If you're using Compass as your primary calendar, then we can have those dates appear in your website's calendar, automatically. No double entry. Please get in touch if you use Sentral, Google or other 3rd party calendar apps. We can help. Easy!

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Updat-ed is upgraded

Our phone app Updat-ed has been upgraded and it's free. Click on the images below on your phone and give Updat-ed a try.