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Let's talk calendars

Let's face it, if there's one thing that bugs you, it's when a parent asks for information about a date that's very visible in your school's calendar. At sponsor-ed, we have a belief that displaying an event in one place only will just not cut it.

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Sorry Pro Photographers, a smartphone is all you need

In the last edition of our eNews, we did an article on smartphone photography and the use of portrait mode. This is the feature that blurs backgrounds. In this article you'll see a bunch of school photos I took on an iPhone - sorry pro photographers, but a smartphone's all you need for your website.

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From 119 to 156 Enrolments

You may not think of sponsor-ed as a Marketing Consultancy, but we are. Here's a story about a Melbourne primary school we worked with to lift their enrolments. Read about Kananook's principal, Michael Block, and his take on our approach to school marketing.

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Serving Schools for 14 Years

The sponsor-ed Group is Australia's premier developer of school websites. Hundreds of schools have a sponsor-ed website and we support more than 2,500 web administrators. The websites are so easy to use because they have been refined based on user feedback over 14 years.

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Tech Tuesday

Every Tuesday, from 10am-12pm EST our trusty Sinead will be hosting an Open Zoom Room.  Pop in and get personalised support for your website.

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eNews Created in Under 90 Seconds

Yep, set myself the challenge. Check out the video to see how I went. The beauty of eNews is that it uses much of the work you've already done in your website. So, instead of managing two mediums, your website and your newsletter, you only need manage one.

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Updat-ed is upgraded

Our phone app Updat-ed has been upgraded and it's free. Click on the images below on your phone and give Updat-ed a try. 

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