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Content Curation and Principals

Ever noticed that most people don't write original content on LinkedIn but rather intro other authors? That's 'content curation', a widely used comms technique. If you're not writing the article, then what's the point? And what's this got to do with principals?

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Updat-ed has been Upgraded and it's free

We’re excited to announce that our school communication app called Updat-ed has been upgraded. The app has moved to a more robust, futureproof platform and will present some new features. To get access to the new Updat-ed app, please follow the instructions. 

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Make them smile - build a bridge

The current environment has reactivated a thought I’ve had for some time about the use of humour in school communications. Simply put, it really doesn’t exist. COVID-19 has seen a rise in humorous content across society, from memes to song-word substitutions.

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Engagement and Newsletter Readership

At our March 4 eNews launch PD, we spent some time looking at how people are drawn to engage with content and all the things working against the traditional school newsletter.

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Updat-ed is upgraded

Our phone app Updat-ed has been upgraded and it's free. Click on the images below on your phone and give Updat-ed a try. 

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