About sponsor-ed

Over the last 6 years we have built hundreds of websites for schools. We recognise that we work with a time-poor and generally low-tech community but a community that has a growing appetite to become contemporary communicators. We have learned that whilst schools have embraced email, apps and Facebook there's frustration in the time consumed managing these disparate mediums that don't talk to each other. Combine this with a newsletter crafted in Word (or similar) and you can have up to 4 publishing mediums being managed by staff stretched for time. So we set about solving this.


You can manage all your communications in a sponsor-ed website.


Whatever you write in the website can, with a simple tick of a box, be pushed-out to email and a phone app (and soon Facebook). You can also craft your newsletter in the website too.

Website Features.

  • mobile friendly websites comfortably viewed on any device
  • events easily created and parents can save dates onto computer and mobile phone calendars.
  • RSVP for events collated in the website and exported to excel
  • online and mobile friendly Absentee and Enrolment forms, plus others
  • language translator for schools that serve a multicultural community
  • email analytics reporting on what's been read in your newsletter but also by whom (you know you want to know!)
  • easy to use websites for administrator ease
  • helpdesk support for over 2,500 school web administrators
  • we'll lift content from your current site and accept new content to build your new site
  • go live in under 2 weeks, sooner if you're in a hurry

Simple Web Publishing for Schools

Getting the most out of the sponsor-ed email system from The sponsor-ed Group on Vimeo.


School Communications Research

Sponsor-ed Director Denis Masseni has conducted 2 significant pieces of communication research seeking to guide schools in the effective use of digital technologies. 

The Paper: Why schools are spooked by social media

200 school newsletters were analysed to produce the findings documented in the presentation The Future of School Publishing.

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And of course if you'd like to speak to someone now, call 1300 755 010 (press 1). 

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