Cheat Sheets

Many of our users like to follow step by step instructions when working on their sponsor-ed school website. We have a growing library of Cheat Sheets for this reason. Please also have a look at our range of video tutorials.  


Logging in and adding new users

Create a page and insert into navigation

- Video Available

Add a PDF/Newsletter to a page

- Video Available

Working with Images NEW FOR 2017

Homepage Gallery  NEW FOR 2017

- Video Available

Working with Recent News

Working with the Calendar

Working with Sections

Working with Quick Links

Creating an e-newsletter


Communications Planner

Archiving Newsletters

Creating an e-newsletter

Video available

e-Newsletter using Recent News Articles

Working with Recent News

Importing Bulk Email Subscribers NEW FOR 2017

Print to PDF Newsletter NEW FOR 2017
Email Scheduler  NEW FOR 2017

Facebook Integration  NEW FOR 2017



Calendar Smarts - Locations

Calendar Smarts – RSVP

Working with the Calendar

Working with Quick View




Creating a Photo Gallery NEW FOR 2017

Adding multiple gallery links to a page

Photo Smarts - Aligning Images

Photo Smarts - Text Wrapping

 Video available



Uploading Videos using YouTube

Uploading Videos using Vimeo

Video available

Uploading Videos using FUSE
(For VIC Government Schools Only)


Creating and Embedding a Form

Adding an Interactive Map

Video available

Adding a Translator to your site

Video available

Working with Navigation

Homepage Colourisation

Working with Anchors

Exporting to csv

Footer Links

Loading powerpoint & massive pdf's

Adding Audio to your site

Adding your website to your phone home screen

Working with tables


Testing the app prior to launch

Updat-ed User Manual V3.0

Adding a page link to your app


Need more assistance?  Please don't hesitate to ask!

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Handy Links & Tools

To resize images, use these free tools


If you want to create an animated GIF (fancy word for a little slide show of images like below) go to PICASION