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White Paper: Why Schools are Spooked by Social Media

The sponsor-ed Group conducted research into school's under-representation in the use of social media. The survey of 140 principal's informed much of the work leading to the creation of the new sponsor-ed Generation 2 website. Interestingly, the paper did state that Facebook was not an appropriate device for schools, perhaps only suited to alumni. Two years on, we've changed our minds.

The issue was around managing risk and with a great deal of further research we've developed an implementation framework that allows schools to harness the communcation benefits of Facebook whilst mitigating against risk.


Download the paper here


ABC Interview with Denis Masseni on 'Why schools are spooked by social media'.


Facebook Resources

At sponsor-ed we're big fans of schools using Facebook as a means of connecting with parents. No it's not a website replacement or an alternative newsletter, it builds a unique connection with the community. Other than its connecting powers, schools that implement Facebook do act as role models showing students and the community how to use social media in the proper way.  

If you're interested in implementing Facebook at your school, there are 2 documents you should consider as part of the launch. Please feel free to modify the documents to suit your own school.


Facebook Documents

Facebook and Schools Code of Conduct

Facebook Launch Announcement


The slides below form part of the Facebook and Schools PD's we run from time to time. If you're interested in attending, please register your interest over there....on the right. Yes that's it!



We are currently in the process of updating our Facebook Setup instructions. Please use this video in the meantime. 



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